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We provide customized, one-on-one math courses for self-motivated students that go beyond school and regular tutoring. Get ahead of the competition!


We require both students and volunteers to use electronic writing pads to foster an engaging online learning experience, allowing them to show their work. 

Individualized Education

On a New Level

We put an unmatched amount of attention to each and every student for free.

We take no shortcuts when it comes to educating our students.

Here's how.

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Student Analysis

We meticulously assess each student's learning style and capabilities using our informative diagnostic tests. 

Student Tailored Schedules

Class schedules are fit to each student's needs.

Volunteer Qualification/


We pick out only the most qualified volunteers as tutors through our rigorous application process. We provide parents with volunteer profiles for full transparency.

One on One classes

Students are matched with one tutor who will go through the entire course, one on one.

Interactive online classes

Our online classes are designed to be as interactive as face-to-face classes. This is done through the use of electronic writing pads for both the student and volunteer. 

Internally Developed curriculum

We use an internally developed curriculum, approved by college graduates, that is customized to each student's needs.

Student progress checkups

We check each student's progress after every class to ensure everything is on track. Unit tests also check student's understanding and any points that must be reviewed.

Final growth report

We provide an informative growth report after completion of a course to showcase student's growth.

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Why Excelerate

For Students

According to research from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, college graduates made an average of $30,000 a year more than those with just a high school diploma. Having a strong basis in math is a key element for college success, and our goal is to provide you with this strong foundation.​

For Parents

Our math courses will help prepare your child for high school, college, and beyond. We match your child to a talented team of rigorously trained high school volunteers who will use our customized curriculum to raise your child's school grades and standardized test scores. 

Stay connected!

Provide your email to receive updates on additional courses that will be added throughout the year.

Student Safety

We understand the gravity of the trust that you place in us when your son or daughter joins our program, and we take that trust seriously. 

As such, we would be happy to arrange a short video conference over Google Hangouts with one of our directors and the volunteer assigned to your student to introduce ourselves on a personal level. Our volunteer network consists of a group of dedicated students enrolled in local high schools across Texas, and an assigned volunteer's information will be sent to you as soon as he or she has been designated to your student, regardless of whether or not you have requested it.

Furthermore, our volunteers are made aware in our training process that parents may, at any time or at all times during virtual learning sessions, join the video call or physically remain in the background of the student's video feed to monitor progress.

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through our company email at any time. If you would like to inquire about additional accommodations to ease your concerns on safety, please let us know, and we will try our best to fulfill your request.

Our partners

We welcome partners and sponsorships. Please send us an email at

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