Our Instructor Team

These are our amazing volunteers!


Meghna Subramanium


Mensa International member, 5 on AP Calculus BC Exam

Hey everyone! My name is Meghna and I'm currently a junior at Plano West Senior High School. I absolutely love math and astrophysics, and I'm super passionate about space! I'm really excited to work with all of you this year :)


Kin Xia


Qualified for AIME, 800 SAT 2 Math, 800 SAT Math

My name is Kin Xia. I am a junior at Plano West Senior High School. I am excited to work with you. I am very flexible with my time and am willing to help in any way possible. I hope that I am able to enhance your learning experience.


Alex Jung


5 AP Calc BC, 800 SAT 2 Math, 1570 SAT

Hello! My name is Alex, and I am the founder of this organization. I also am an instructor and truly believe in the mission. I have a special interest in engineering, specifically in the aerospace field. I attend Plano West Senior High School.