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Math Curriculums built for Excelerate purposes.

Effective, interactive, and comprehensive curriculums fit for virtual lessons.


How our Math Curriculum is Developed



The executive team analyzes different textbooks to create and compare a proprietary curriculum plan and framework.


The curriculum team receives the curriculum plan and creates instructional materials.


The executive team performs a thorough review of all materials and checks for the alignment of materials to our framework and quality standards.

The executive team researches various methods to structure the curriculum.

A Truly Unique Curriculum for Excelerate Purposes.


Fit for our unique one-on-one virtual lessons, our curriculum is designed to promote lively learning sessions that encourage both tutors and students to interact with the curriculum on a virtual platform.

"I Do, We Do, You Do"

All of our curriculums use the "I Do, We Do, You Do" framework, which is one of the best known teaching strategies for young students.

Real World Conncections

Our curriculum not only teaches the concepts but also connects them to real world applications to facilitate integration.

Meet The Curriculum Team

excelerateprofile - Reva Kabnurkar.jpg

Reva Kabnurkar

Reva is a sophomore attending Liberty High School. She strives to lower barriers to education. She hopes to make a change in as many student's lives as she can.

IMG_8402 - Emma Zhou.JPG

Emma Zhou

Emma is a senior attending Plano West Senior High School. She is passionate about increasing the reach of educational opportunities and helping students excel!

Alanna Polyak Picture-min - Alanna Polyak.jpg

Alanna Polyak

Alanna is a sophomore attending Jasper High School. She is passionate about providing proper mathematical education to as many students as possible.

WeChat Image_20210802153006 - Lydia Wang.jpg

Zetong (Lydia) Wang

Lydia Wang is a Junior at St. Johnsbury Academy. She desires to lead students to explore the joyfulness of mathematics.

0924C881-F072-4DE8-B536-3AAF503240DC - Ananya S.jpeg

Ananya Swaminathan

Ananya Swaminathan is a sophomore at Emerson High School. She looks forward to making coherent and enjoyable materials for students.

Photo on 2-9-21 at 2.20 PM - apra.jpg

Apra Donthula

Apra Donthula is a sophomore at Plano East Senior High. She looks forward to creating helpful content using her own experiences in mathematics.